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Wholesale price for all kind of trimmings from: lace to button,zipper, and craft projects. If you cannot find an item you are looking for or have issues with the shopping cart, please do not hesitate to contact us and check availability of the product you're interested in. Even if it's labeled out of stock, call to confirm. Please also check our new arrival section for new items which we add weekly.

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Featured Products

Neon  lime stretch lace trim 1 1/4 S7-5
1Y Natural Color Cotton Crochet Cluny Lace Trim 1 3/4 W
1 piece African design  beige tan acylic floral center pin  brooch 36mm wide.
Ivory stretch lace floral gorgeous trim 1 3/4 S3-2
buckle slider acrylic fuchsia 2 3/4 inch
black double scalloped floral stretch soft 1 5/8 S3-8
1 yard off white floral Jacquard ribbon trim 7/16 w
Hot Pink Neon stretch lace fabric 58-59 inch wide
1 Pc Adjustable 100% Cotton Beige w/ Blue Los Angeles Hat
1 dozen 2 tone black and gray 4 hole marble shirt button 15mm.
1Y White Braided Gimp Organza Ribbon Trim 1 1/2 W
4Y Black Flat Cord Sequined Unique Trim 1 W
Emerald glitter fold over elastic 5/8
1 yard off white and Black animal print stretchy ribbon trim, 1 3/4w,  Shelf 300
1 Turquoise Tulle Beaded Sequins Bugle Collar Applique (A6)
12 white  eyelet  2 square holes large buttons30 mm
1 dozen 2 tone brown and beige unique marbel and shell 2 hole rectangular shirt button 17 mm.
1Y White Scalloped Crochet Trim 1 3/4 W
1 yard fuchsia with gold round cotton twisted cord string 1/4 inch wide.
1 yard white scalloped embroidered floral design venice lace trim 2
Light navy blue heart shape 2 hole button 21 mm
1 lot of 6 happy face self shank shirt button. 25 mm
1 yard of regal purple with black Chevron fold over elastic trim 5/8 inches wide.
1 piece beige and turquoise flat back craft embellishment great for jewlery or any decoration 38mm.
black skull tulle applique c21 great for Halloween custom
1 Dozen Red Flower w/ Green Leaf Rossette Applique 5/8 wide
1 y white cotton embroidered double scalloped foral eyelete trim
10 yards of baby pink bungee shock elastic cord great for sewing and jewelry 2mm wide.
1 yard black stretch lace fabric trim 53-54 inch wide.
1 yard white double scalloped floral design stretch lace trim 2 1/2 inches wide.  S5-7
1 dozen of orangey gold acrylic rhinestone self shank button 15 mm.
1 piece light  steal blue silver metal teeth with silver flower open end zipper 19 inch long.
Ivory poly lace scalloped wide 5.5 L6-9
1 yard of aqua green tulle embroiered trim 1 3/4 inch wide.
1 piece 2 tone tan circular african design pin 31 mm.
1 yard 3 tone mid brown beige golden mustard long fancy braided flower fringe trim 5 1/4 inch wide.
wholesale roll of 13 yards of pink organza trim 2 inches wide.
1 yard black double scalloped floral design embroidered 1 1/4 inches wide. L6-9
Wholesale Roll 288y White Classic Braided Elastic 1/8 W
1 yard navy blue pink lilac blue HEART design jacquard ribbon trim 1/2 inch wide.
1 yard natural cotton eyelet  trim 2 1/4 inch
Wholesale 1Y Black gimp trim with black velvet insert 1/2
1 yard black floral design 4 way stretch lace fabric 60 inch long.
1 yard of black scalloped insert lace trim. 7/8 W L9-9
12 pieces or 1 dozen white 4 hole acrylic button great for coat or jacket 38 mm
1 Dozen black 2 hole acrylic small shirt  buttons 11mm
1 lot of 12 golden edge with false pearl in center acrylic self shank button 25mm.
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